BOC in Boston 10/16/76

BREVARD Adrian R. abrevard at SHL.COM
Tue Aug 29 11:02:00 EDT 1995

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995 Adrian wrote:

> And now with the concert review here's Bart Braggart with his
> latest review, Bart

............highly entertaining stuff deleted to save space............

> Nah just want to see that guy in the leisure suit and the drummer do
> that solo thing again.  This is Bart Braggart siging off.

>        Actually that show was reviewed in the Globe and the reviewer said
>something like, Reaper is an amazing song and these guys have been doing
>heavy rock thing for years but I can tell it's a one shot and they'll never
>have another hit.
  >      Glad I got to stick around long enough to prove him wrong!

Maybe the guy was a part timer either that or he paid as much attention to
the show as Bart Braggart.


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