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dcapehar at UTDALLAS.EDU dcapehar at UTDALLAS.EDU
Tue Aug 29 12:16:19 EDT 1995

Damon C. Capehart
Richardson, TX (a suburb of Dallas, you figure)
Age: I'll be 22 on Sept 12! :)
Primary Band:  Hawkwind
First/Last seen:  Never (the assholes despise Texas.  Funny... NikWind,
   the Ozrics, and every other prog band known to mankind absolutely *love*
First album: HotMG (on a whim, after Nikshow #1)
Most Recent Purchase: Quark single (accidentally by mail, I thought I was
   getting a non-box-set Griffin release)
Fave Albums: Warrior, *Live* Chronicles

BOC albums: nun
BOC live: nun

Other Bands/Artists: Art of Noise, Banco de Gaia, Belew, *Bjork, Bowie,
   Cars, *Chicago, Phil Collins, *Dead Can Dance, Eat Static, Earth To
   Infinity, ELP, Eno, Fripp, P. Gabriel, *Genesis, Gong, *Steve Hillage,
   Jam & Spoon, *Jethro Tull, *King Crimson, Marillion, Sarah McLachlan,
   Moody Blues, the Orb, W.Orbit, Orbital, *Ozrics, Alan Parsons Project,
   Pink Floyd, Pressurehed, Queen, Rush, Saga, Seal, Soft Machine, Stone
   Roses, *Supertramp, *David Sylvian, Talking Heads, *Tangerine Dream,
   *Tears For Fears, This Mortal Coil, *Nik Turner, *Van der Graaf
   Generator, *Vangelis, Rick Wakeman, Roger Waters, *Yes.

* = faves in particular

Damon Capehart          | "I miss you, but I haven't met you yet." -- Bjork
dcapehar at

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