BOC R.I.P.??Warning!

BREVARD Adrian R. abrevard at SHL.COM
Wed Aug 30 11:10:00 EDT 1995

Ab's had some coffee.  Beware
>Gumby writes a few things that I'll add a few cents to . . .

>Finally, I must put my vote in for favorite live album.
Extraterrestrial Live receives my vote (with OYFFOOYK a very close second).

>I've held off on responding to this question because I like all of BOC's
>stuff (yes, even Club Ninja), and I think each album has some great stuff
>to offer.
Hey I kinda like Club Ninja too, just too embarrased to admit it.  Thought I
would be flamed for doing so.  OK now all you other Ninja fans can come out
of the closet.

>  *On Your Feet...* is great for me because in some weird way, it just
captures the mid-70's
>rock concert for me in some way, and those classic oldies, some of which
>I'll never hear live again, still ring true to me today.

The name of the Album should have been "This Is Blue Oyster Cult"  I bet (no
no no. No more polls) most people on this list who first saw the Cult in the
74-76 era would say that this is Da Band.  Raw energy and as close to the
actual concert sound as any live recording ever.  This to me is THE LIVE
album for any group period.

>*ETL*, although seemingly a more commercial move (capitalizing on the
strength of "Burnin'
>for You" - perhaps this was the first instance of BOC and/or their record
>company trying to cash in on their past?), has alot of energy, and alot
>of great tunes.  So, I like them all, but for different reasons.

ETL is fabulous, any album that has D&S live is worth buying.  The FOUO
songs are terrific and made me a rel fan of that work but the older songs
like Cities on Flame and Hot Rails to Hell just don't stack up to OYFOOYK.
 They sound pretty weak when I play both versions.  I would have preffered
less of the Classics on this one.


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