HW: Hectic Hawkwind Week

Johan Edlundh hawkjoe at EKA.ERICSSON.SE
Sun Dec 3 17:16:34 EST 1995

...well, back on topics:

got some goodies from the Royal Swedish Postverket this week :0)
(oops, a smiley...)

Item #1
"Psychedelic Warlords Are In Search Of Space Bandits And Star Cannibals Who
Lurk Inside your Brain And Hide Inside Your Mind;
The Watcher Is Standing At The Edge Of Void City, Where Wizened Sages Sat,
Anicent Masters of The Rites Of The Netherworld."

what is this? you may wonder...
It's the poem that's written on the disk of the newest Hawk Boot, the Nova
Drive, which I got this week.
As you already know, it's a sample of the best tracks some unknown tape
collector have in his Kollektion. Sound quality is (probably) very good, if
you compare it with other live tapes - but this don't means you have the
best Hawk Boot ever here.
Best track: Damage of Life? Alien?

Cover art:
Space ship PXR5 is leaving Earth with its Nova Drive set on full speed. The
giant red twin headed Hawk on the metallic grey torso of the Craft is the
only thing that lightens up this part of the Universe... "...we go from star
to star to find the dream..."
I cannot describe the inside cover arts - it must be seen - the Hawks
playing below Inka symbols in flying bubbles - both earthly and spacey at
the same time...

Label: Discontent - DISC20470  (someone believes in this?)
Yes, I like this boot more and more. A few tracks is with Ron Tree Live
(Alien / Silver Machine / Sputnik Stan / an unlisted one in the end which
may be called "Doremi Fasol Latido") and when I hear these live tracks it
feels good. I'm on the Ron side of the fence.

Is there someone who can confirm or correct my earlier information that's
this CD Recordable is pressed in ONLY 33 ex..?
I know Bernhard and Henrik got one ex. each - is there's someone else that's
got it on this list?

Item #2
The Hawkwind Tribute vinyl "Assassins of Silence, Hundred Watt Violence" has
finally made its way to me. 23 bands doing 25 covers, some good - some not
so good - most memorable so far: Tibetan Bowlers doing a "Wizard Blew his
Horn" version of "Hassan I Sahba". Spoken, with strange noises bubbling
around. Weird, weird... Imagine someone in panic asking out in eternity:
"Black September? Black   September? Hashish?    Hashin..?"
Also Gorilla doing a laid back/speed metal version of "Flying Doctor" and
F/i's never ending / ever lasting / fuzzy "Robot"...
Label: Ceres Records - CERES01
This double vinyl is something I'm going to play often...
Cover is a "black space with white flashes & stars in the background, and a
big Hawk in front". Space Ritual type of Fold Out cover - lyrics inside. The
Assassins Log is also there - one side each to all bands. Good job, Doug!
(Good Reason not to appear on a stupid Hawkwind Tribute album: "It took us
two and a half years to get our latest album together, so you don't want us

Item #3
The BOC-l T-shirt. Thanks, Mike!

Items #4
A bulk of  boots:
St Alban - Nice cover / shitty sound quality of a good gig (but it got new
jerusalem :0)
Friday Rock Show Session - Pubertal cover / nice sound quality of a good gig
(dream worker is really GOOD!)
Dawn of Hawkwind - samples of early (hard to find) vinyl + some extra live
tape takings (is it neccesary to have 3 versions of Silver Macine on one CD?
- Dawn/Sunrise and Frisco Jam is here)

Items #5
1975-09-04 Hawkwind played at Olympen, Lund, southern Sweden. Fantastic gig
if you listen to the tape (beside the Lo-Fi Sound Quality). Fantastic stage
show if you look at the pictures - which was taken by a poor man's instamatic.
I do like that one with Brock playing guitar in front of a nice "Rokning
Forbjudet" sign. Oh, how Swedish...
If my scanner and I ever will be friends, it may be possible that I'll
produce a few gif's...

that's it.
only the Hawks know's what next week will bring...

\\happy hawkjoe

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