Godzilla Dies

Le Monsieur Damon dcapehar at UTDALLAS.EDU
Thu Dec 14 14:01:41 EST 1995

On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, Andrew A. Apold wrote:
> >Of, course "there goes Tokyo" may not be appropriate anymore, but I'm
> >sure something could be done.
> "there goes Orlando"
> "there goes Mexico"
> "there goes Laredo"
> "there goes El Paso"
> "there goes San Antonio"
> "there goes Ohio"
> "there goes Toledo"
> "there goes Colorado" (Col-rad-o)
> "there goes Idaho"
> "there goes Ontario"
> "there goes Toronto"   (they'll probably film it there)

Um, "Oklahoma City where are... (whatever that lyric is from Damnation

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