Age poll contribution (better late than never)...

Jason Gool etljegl at ETLXDMX.ERICSSON.SE
Fri Sep 1 08:41:32 EDT 1995

Name                : Jason Gool
Age                 : 34
Handle              : None
E-Mail Address      : etljegl at
Primary Band        : BOC
Only Time Seen Live : 14th of Feb, 1984
Favorite Album      : Cultosaurus Erectus
Last Album Purchased: Trepanation (when it arrives)

Are You Familiar with the Other Band?: Yes
First Time Seen Live                 : 29th of Nov, 1984
Last Time Seen Live                  : 25th of Nov, 1993
Favorite Album                       : WotEoT

Location : Brighton, UK (ex-pat Cornish (well it means alot to me :-))

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