Yo Da Man is Back!!!!

BREVARD Adrian R. abrevard at SHL.COM
Tue Sep 5 16:12:00 EDT 1995

Craig ("no not that one either") Shipley is back in the fold.  Good to see
your keyboard bud.  You missed a lot but then you missed very little too.
 Can't answer most of your questions but you need to answer mine.  We are
starting a directory of the list and need some info from you.  Please follow
the format and e-mail back to me or post it to the list.  Speaking of which,
will be in Atlanta tonite (9/5) through tomorrow afternoon (9/6).  Sure wish
the boys were in town.

Directory info needed:

        Handle: (Other than real name used to sign posts)
        E-Mail Address:
        Primary Band: (Band which brought you to the list BOC or HW)
        First Time Seen Live:
        Last time Seen Live:
        First Album bought:
        Favorite Album:
        Last album purchased: Psychadelic Warriors-White Zone
        Are You Familiar with the Other Band?: (HW or BOC?)
        Times seen Live:
        Comments (please be brief):

Again good to read ya dude, didn't think you were ever coming back.

abrevard at shl.com

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