A fruitless search

Norman Beresford Norman at FAITH.FTECH.CO.UK
Tue Sep 5 16:28:24 EDT 1995

>>>From the official postcard, the Alien tour dates:
>4/9/95   Area 54 release.

Spent today ringing round the various record shops in London. HMV has it
down for release on the 11th.  Virgin had it down as released but as none of
their shops had it (including the Oxford street Megastore) the person I
spoke to said it's release date must have been put back.  Our Price had
nothing about it period.  Same goes for Tower.

I'm in central London tommorrow so I'll look in a few places  where they
might have it (Sister Ray, what ever that ambient place in Sohos called etc
etc).  To expensive to phone up MLM in Hanley so they might have it.

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