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Matthew Braun mbraun at HYDRA.URBANA.MCD.MOT.COM
Thu Sep 7 11:06:03 EDT 1995

John A. Swartz writes:
>[...] but my understanding is that all of Columbia's BOC
>CD releases where NOT re-mastered in any way - so while I can't say for
>sure that the CDs might sound worse, they probably sound no better than
>a brand new piece of vinyl.  Hopefully, WOTT will at least offer us that.

Actually, they will sound worse than the LP if no re-mastering was done.

I believe that "RIAA equalization" (EQ needed to compensate for vinyl's
abilities to reproduce certain freq's better than others) is applied to the
LP master tape--not built into the cutter.  As such, any CD made from a
vinyl master tape will sound weird because it will be produced with an EQ
that is transparent on vinyl, but audible on CD.


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