Chuck Burgi leaves BOC???

Thu Sep 7 19:10:42 EDT 1995

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further info on Chuck's departure will be presented as soon as
Fartknocker posts them to AOL...

Q:  What's a BOC Web site 2 cheap to have a BOC logo on it?
A:  Underbelly Online!
message boards, tape trades, links and library (coming soon!)

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> Date: Thursday, 07-Sep-95 04:09 PM
> From: John A Swartz            \ Internet:
(jswartz at
> To:   Rob Maerz                \ PRODIGY:     (NSTK33A)
> Subject: Chuck Burgi leaves BOC???
> ROBODUDE has reported in Underbelly Online that Chuck Burgi is
leaving BOC
> to join Greg Smith in Rainbow.  Replacing him will be former Rainbow
> drummer, John O' Reilly.  Apparently the bands have swapped drummers?
> Any more info on this recent development?  ROBO?  Anyone?
> John

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