The Search Continues.

Norman Beresford Norman at FAITH.FTECH.CO.UK
Mon Sep 11 08:52:45 EDT 1995

Well I've just been into Our Price where the bloke behind the counter first
of all told me that he hadn't heard anything about a new HW single for
several years.  With a bit of perserverance he finally looked it up and
discovered that the release date was the 18th.  As no one has posted a
review I assume that it hasn't come out yet.  Once again I'm heading into
central London this afternoon and I'll look for a copy there but I don't
hold out much hope.

Heading up to Derbyshire at the Weekend I picked up a copy of the NME and
stumbled upon an advert for the latest HW tour.  It only lists a handfull of
dates and mentions the new album coming out.  One of the dates mentioned is
the 6pm-6am allnighter at Brixton.  It's called something like "12hrs of
techno trips and pagan pipes" which I hope means lots of dance bands on the
bill.  Unfortunatly I forgot the magazine at my girlfriends house this
morning so I can't list the dates or be a 100% certain about the stuff above.

Does anyone know if there are any tour dates beyond the above?  I was hoping
that they might do Cambridge so I could drag my girlfriend to it becasue at
the moment it looks like a trip to Portsmouth for her babtism.


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