Redondo & Ventura shows.

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On Tue 12-Sep-1995  7:22p, jean l delacour wrote:

jd> The Strand, Redondo Beach, CA
jd> September 2nd, 1995

jd> Burnin' For You
jd> Godzilla
jd> Don't Fear The Reaper

Personally, I wish they'd drop these three from the set entirely. They're good
songs but you always *know* they'll play 'em. Too predictable.

jd> Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA
jd> September 3rd, 1995

jd> Burnin' For You
jd> Godzilla
jd> Don't Fear The Reaper

See? Couldn't they at least change the order?

jd> Astronomy were played, and D & S was played as an encore for those
jd> "biker brothers in the audience".

They should've done 'Golden Age of Leather'....

jd>    We returned to NM to hear the news that BOC will be playing at
jd> an outdoor festival (probally related to the Balloon Fiesta) on
jd> OCt 14th.  The Tubes & April Wine are also scheduled to appear, but
jd> it is not clear who will headline.

Dang, I gotta find out if there's a San Diego date coming up...
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