I guess i'll see you all on the ice

Andrew Wilson sop04afw at GOLD.AC.UK
Fri Sep 15 09:11:11 EDT 1995

okay shall be unsubscribing for a few days az i'm off to !a job! at derby
uni; be resubbing when they sort out providing me w/an account.

short communos:

mike: tha tenner will *definitely* be in the post on tuesday. thanx for
yore patience.

andy: nice to meet you last night (thankfully i made it home w/out being

obvinyl 'buying' at friendly nottinghilxchange: in return for ropey old
9pin dot matrix p-er: vinyl copy of qs&c (at last!); hype-sir robert;
inner marshland -mr bevis; stoned crazy-outskirts of infinity.

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