BOC in Albuquerque

Julian Christou christoj at PLK.AF.MIL
Mon Sep 18 11:02:07 EDT 1995

> Brian;
> Welcome to the list!!  Jean & I live here in Albq also, and we are
> pretty hardcore BOC fans.
> We hope to see you at the show.  I have seen them about 15 times,
> so you will not be disappointed.
> .......Manuel
> Jean Delacour
> University of New Mexico
> Parish Library
> Alb, NM 87131-1496
> delacour at

Welcome to the list also. I'm one of the HW fabns rather than a BOC fan
here on the list and was really hoping to see them here. However, I'll
be travelling out of the country when they're here. Same thing happened
the last two years when NikWind played here - bummer!. Anyhow enjoy
the show you guys - I expect to hear all about it.

ObOffTopic: At least I get to see Page & Plant the night before I leave ...
ObCD: Amon Duul II: Milestones


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