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Julian Christou christoj at PLK.AF.MIL
Mon Sep 18 13:21:55 EDT 1995

While browsing through Ranjit Padmanabhan progressive Rock homepage
I came across the following:

Wagner, Adrian - Distances Between Us

Adrian Wagner has long laboured in the UK synth scene, from his beginnings as a
purveyor of keyboard-heavy "space music". His output these days is more in the
area of symphonic keyboard rock, with rather "heavy" themes, ranging from the
Inca civilization to space fantasy.

This is the CD reissue of his 1974 debut, that has been critically acclaimed,
and features songs built around various analog keyboards, including the
venerable Mellotron, with some similarities to the style of Tangerine Dream
at that time. Most of the passages are instrumental, and straddle the boundary
between electronic music and German prog rock of groups such as Novalis.
His vocals are quite reasonable too, and do not detract from the music.
As might be expected, Mel Collins contributes sax on one of the tracks,
which also includes percussion by Morris Pert.

And Now the HW related part ....

Additionally, Mr. Wagner was apparently a good friend of Robert Calvert
(ex-Hawkwind, who died in 1987), who composed lyrics and sang vocals on three
of the tracks herein. Some similarities to Hawkwind are also evident
throughout this album, especially in the synth textures and styles used.
As a gesture of friendship, Wagner has dedicated this release to
Calvert and has promised that 10% of all profits realised from the sales
of this CD will be donated to Calvert's son, Nicholas.

So now for a question: Has anyone heard this/familiar with it. It sounds
very very interesting.


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