Bad Gigs?

Norman Beresford Norman at FAITH.FTECH.CO.UK
Mon Sep 18 21:28:03 EDT 1995

>    Heresy!!! I was at Hemel Hempstead in '92 and seem to remember that
>   being the only time I've heard them play Levitation live.

The problems I had with H.H were basicly what seems to be the common
complaint.  Too big a venue with too small a crowd.  I like my HW gigs to be
packed/hot and sweaty.  Mind you H.H did have it's high points:
        The small bloke sitting crossed legged at the front of the stage for
half the gig before coming to and pounding the air;
        The bloke coming on stage to dance.  I might be wrong about my
conclusions from this so I had better retell the story.  During the HW set
(support band didn't show) there were a few people dancing on the left of
the stage.  I forgotten what song he came on for but some crusty climbed out
of the audiance and started to dance in between D.B and A.D in the middle of
the stage.  From where I was I could see a security m,an come forward to
shove him off but was motioned back by D.B.  This was probably something to
do with the blokes decent dancing and his dredds which really looked good in
the strobes.  He kept dancing for a while when one of the lab coat brigade
decided that it looked good and wanted a go himself.  He bounced out onto
center stage and started doing the kind of dance that you see teachers doing
at school discos.  A.D motioned to the security bloke (big with kilt on I
think) who promtly threw the bloke off stage.
        The reason for the story is that the crusty looked identical to the
dancer at the following years(I think) all-nighter.  Could this be true?

I've only seen HW at an all seater venue once (Hammersmith '93?).  I enjoyed
the show (hey Krell aren't that bad) and the lighting was the best I've ever
seen but my friends had a bad run in with a load of punks.  Basicly the
bloke to my left got chain whipped and then they started on my friends.
Fortunatly(?) I was so rapt by the music I din't notice untill some one
shoved me out of the way of the rain of blows being dished out behind me.
It put a bit of a sour note on the everning really.

Anyway hopefully all the gigs on this tour will be good!  I'll probably be
at the Liverpool.Manchester,London and Portsmouth dates.  If I can persuade
my girlfriend that she really wants to see HW live and that she also wants
to drive there (as apposed to hitching) there'll probably be room for 3ish
people in the car (travelling from Bps.Stortford via London that evening and
returning the same night) if anyone is intreasted.


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