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Paul Mather paul at CSGRAD.CS.VT.EDU
Wed Sep 20 08:44:16 EDT 1995

Maxine Wesley writes:

> > label for Cleopatra). Versatile folk, Pressurehead. Also from
> > Hypnotic is Space Does Not Care by Zero Gravity, which is
> > basically Pressurehead's Len Del Rio,
> BOC link - isn't there a song that goes
> "Del Rio's song
>  oh Del Rio
>  when times get rough
>  and rivers freeze
>  I think you know enough.."
> Maybe one of our BOC fans will be able to help with the title and
> correction of those poorly remembered lyrics..and also if it is a totally
> different Del Rio?

No, it is the self same Del Rio.  You see, it's all part of the
carefully planned "random access myth" of _Imaginos_.  Whilst
time-hopping during the _Imaginos_ recording sessions, Al stumbled on
the future wherein he was a member of BOC-L.  Intrigued by all the
talk of Hawkwind, Nikwind, and all the Friends and Relations (such as
Pressurehed), he decided to pay a sly homage to the list by going back
and penning a song with an obscure, almost undetectable Hawkwind
reference in it (trying also, at the same time, to bridge the
Hawkwind/Nikwind schism).

"And it would have worked if it hadn't been for those meddling




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