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Carl E. Anderson canders at WJH.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Sep 21 13:30:27 EDT 1995

> I may be in a vast minority on this but... for certain types of music, I
> prefer vinyl over CD. Sometimes CD is just *too* clean, too steril sounding.
> Sometimes the muddier sound of vinyl (if said vinyl is in good shape and on a
> decent system) is better to my ears, especially for 'raunchy' rock n roll or
> old blues etc.

        There are lots of people who think that, and many of them are in
the analog master tapes camp (as opposed to the digital camp).  This
"sensation" of analog is mostly due to natural compression in the medium
and a certain amount of pink noise (or is it white noise)?
        IMHO, the "sterility" found in some digital recordings is nothing
that couldn't be avoided if it was mixed properly.  Many analog recordings
get very little review when they are dumped to digital media, and many
sound engineers today haven't gotten used to working with digital equipment
(which is not to say that there aren't many excellent digital enginneers).

        The Brain Surgeon's recordings are, I believe, all digital but
don't sound too sterile to me!  (This is because they know what they are
doing).  You can still get _warmth_ with digital _and_ the extra clarity
the medium brings.  I've got a couple of all digital classical CDs which
are pretty stunning, sound-wise.


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