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>         I'm doing a speech in my communications class about the differences
> in radio between the '70s and '90s and how those differences were reflected
> in the bands of the time.  Since I've only been alive since 1975, I was
> wondering if some of the elder statemen on the list could provide me with
> a definition of an Album Oriented Rock (AOR) station.  Did they actually
> have the gall to play an occasional album all the way through ;)  Maybe
> it meant that they played an assortment of songs from albums instead of
> just the typical million-seller single?
> Any information would be much appreciated!

jeez - I dunno about the States but it was a rare and wondrous occasion
when you could find a radio prog in the UK that was prepared to play
ANYTHING that wasn't released as a single and on the official "play
list".     There were rare occasions such as Annie Nightingale, John
Peel and Thomas Vance who were willing and able to play the obscure, the
underground and the different - but it was nearly always by request and
I don't think I can remember one single occasion when a whole LP was
played tho' if a couple of tracks segued on an album I think these were
occasionally played right through - Emerson Lake and Palmer comes to
mind.    I can remember late nights curled up under the bedsheets at
skool with the transistor radio on earplug mode browsing through the
European stations (Dutch and German mostly) where they seemed to play
rock music almost non-stop with virtually no intro or speech at all
and they'd play some really heavy underground stuff too.    But they
were difficult to find and didn't stay around too long.

Ah memories......

Does that qualify me for elder statesmanship  8-0


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