BOC: 3 CD Set "Tyranny & Mutation" ????

ROBERT SEDLER robert.sedler at NOR.MKL.COM
Mon Sep 25 16:35:00 EDT 1995

-> Whilst putting in an order for "Workshop of Telescopes" at the CDNOW
-> web site, they had the following listing for a new BOC cd :
-> Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny & Mutation
-> 3 CD SET
-> Sony 7464 64806 2
-> New Release (Date not available)
-> Check it out under the heading "Not Available" (yet) in the BOC
-> directory at CDNOW if you have access.  Is this some mistake?  Anyone
-> know about this?  Are we to be blessed with a real box set so soon?

Gotta be a mistake. If there was a "honest to goodness" Boxset out, they
couldn't call it the name of a previously released album, could they? I
can see using a somg title like "career of Evil" "Workshop" OR "On
flame" etc, but T&M would be kinda stoopid. Maybe I'm wrong?

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