HW: Lemmy Tracks?

J Strobridge eset08 at CASTLE.ED.AC.UK
Wed Sep 27 18:48:31 EDT 1995

>  >        Well, Lemmy sings and plays bass (I think) on >"NIght of the Hawks",
> and sings on the "Silver Machine" >from the Reading '86 CD.  Nearly anything

>  I was there at Reading in '86, and it was a great Hawkwind gig,  despite

>  I'd no idea there was a CD. Can anyone tell me where to get it?

It's the Friday Rock Show CD put out on the BBC's Strange Fruit Label (I
think).   Probably one of the absolutely worst cover pics ever given to
a Hawkwind CD of some Samuri type muscleman with a large sword and a
considerable agro.   Haven't seen it around for a while so it might have
been deleted.    Not sure.


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