HW WestWind live tape (info?)

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Thu Sep 28 16:25:27 EDT 1995

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From: HARRIS.BOCL at Harris
Date: 8/7/95 5:22PM
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Subject: HW WestWind live tape (info?)
       REPOSTING:  I never got a response...HELP!

       I have acquired a C60 Hawkwind tape that is labeled "WestWind".
       I am unclear on exactly WHAT this tape consists of, or what it's
       origin might be.

       Relevent info:
       This tape has 30 min. (truncated at end of side 1) of live HW from
       around the 1990-91 US Tour period (??).  Side 2 begins with an
       interview with Dave/Harvey/Alan/Richard by some American DJ, which
       lasts for approx. 15 min.  There is some filler (?) on the end of
       the tape from M.Moorcock's "Brothel in Rosenstrasse".

       I thought I saw something about WestWind associated with the Kadu
       Flyer a few years back.  Was this some kind of HW fan club (sic)
       release of some kind?  I also suspect that the original tape was
       longer than the approx. 45 min that I have - confirmation?

       If anybody has any info on what this beast is, I would greatly
       appreciate it.

       Captain Cloud
       cjohnson at harris.com

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