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[most of the track's deleted]
hawkjoes comments is marked with '***'

>1. Albums by Hawkwind (& Hawklords)
>1970  Hawkwind  (Liberty/UA) (re-released as ltd. edn. pic disk 1980)
***the pic disc was 1984,
***(do you remember the great  'get smart' ads?)

>1973  BBC Transcription Disc LP live

>1991  Hawkwind: Space Rock from London [remix of BBC Transcription disc]
>       [Live BBC Session 14/10/72 - very good quality]

>1991  The BBC Radio Disc CD  (Windsong)
>        [BBC Recording from 1972, broadcast 1973]

>1973  Space Ritual Alive  (Liberty/UA) (Live double album.  Contained
open-out sleeve)

>1974  Hall Of The Mountain Grill (UA)

>1975  Warrior On The Edge Of Time (UA/Liberty) (original with 'shield' sleeve)

>1976  Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music (Charisma)

>1976  Roadhawks  (UA) (studio material w/remixes by Brock)
*** this is a compilation for me, although it's probably the best
compilation ever...

>1977  Quark Strangeness And Charm (Charisma) (With sleeve insert. German
>                version comes with colour negatives of Hawkwind in concert.)
*** I've a vague memory from when I was young that the pictures in these color
*** negatives was in a 8pg booklet in the first QS&C I saw. Please correct me,
*** someone... :^)

>1978  PXR5 (Charisma) [original with wrongly-wired plug on cover]
*** ...and the Pete Frame Family Tree Poster...

>1978  Hawklords -  (Charisma) (Released under Hawklords name

>1979  Hawkwind Live (Bronze) (British release as Live '79)

>1980  Levitation  (Bronze) (original release was on blue vinyl)

*** I don't understand the following Church of Hawkwind order.
*** Is it a duplication error, or is it me who doesen't get something obvious?
>1982  Church of Hawkwind (RCA) (originally with booklet)
>1994  Church of Hawkwind  (Griffin)  CD

>1981  Hawkwind Live at the Bottom Line (New York 1978)  (Festival)
>1981  Hawkwind at Glastonbury 1981
>        *  Cassette Release by CND
>1981  Sonic Attack (RCA)

>1982  Church of Hawkwind (RCA) [originally with booklet]
*** (it's this one...)

>1982  Choose Your Masques (RCA)

>1982  Hawkwind Live at Stonehenge and Watchfield (Festival Records)
>        * Later re-released as "Hawkwind: Alive and Kicking"
>        [This pressing is a bootleg of the Weird 103 tape]

>1982  Friends And Relations - Hawkwind (Flicknife)

>1983  Friends And Relations II  (Flicknife) (Twice Upon A Time)

>1985  Friends And Relations III

>1988  Best of Hawkwind Friends & Relations CD  [Flicknife]
>        [compilation from all 3 Friends & Relations LP's]
*** these two in the compilation area?
>1993  The Best of Hawkwind Friends and Relations CD  [Anagram]
>        [different compilation from Flicknife]

>1995  Hawkwind Friends and Relations - The Rarities CD [Anagram]

>1983  Zones  (Flicknife) [also released as pic disk]

>1983  The Text Of Festival: Live 1970-2 (Illuminated/DemiMonde)

>1984  Stonehenge (This Is Hawkwind/Do Not Panic) (Flicknife) (live) [LP & EP]

>1985  In The Beginning  (Live "Top Gear" BBC Session 1970)  (Demi-Monde)

>1985  Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Garagin (Demi Monde)(live)

>1985  Space Ritual II (American Phonograph) live Space Ritual from different
>        Space                                   venues
*** isn't this the extended version of the second lp of _Space Ritual_,
*** the Brixton Sundown gig, 30th Dec '72?

>1985  Ridicule (Obsession) (also Live 1973)
*** Two different covers. What does "also Live 1973" mean?

>1985  Live '70/'73 (Castle Dojo) [live early tracks]

>1985  Welcome To The Future (Mausoleum Records)

>1985  The Chronicle Of The Black Sword (Flicknife)

>1986  Live Chronicles (GWR) (live)

>1994  Live Chronicles  (Griffin)   2CD

>1986  Hawkfan 12" (Hawkfan)
>        Countdown
>        Ejection
>        The Human Race (Dark Empire)
>        Synprovisation (Syndrome)
>        Ghost Dance
>        Tale of the Entropy Tango (Deep Fix and Brian Tawn)
>        The Competition (Hawkwind and Brian Tawn)
>        Aimless Flight (Underground Zero)
>        * Produced by Brian Tawn of "Hawkfan"
*** also on cassette, but with track "Hawkfan 12" as opening track instead
of "Countdown"
*** Tawn says: "Hawkfan 12, the track which forms the introduction to the
*** replaces the LP track, Countdown, because my contract with the BBc is
only for the
*** number of LP pressings and I do not wish to break the contract."
*** Hawkfan 12 is just (another) one minute concert introduction, a little
bit less inspired
*** than "Countdown" ;^)

>1986  Independent Days, Vol. I  10" (Flicknife)

>1986  Independent Days, Vol. II (Flicknife)

>1987  Out And Intake (Flicknife) (Picture inner sleeve)

>1987  Hawkwind Box Set - The Official Picture Log Book (Flicknife)

>1987  Early Daze (Thunderbolt) (Early live tracks all previously reissued)

>1988  The Xenon Codex (GWR) (orig with stencil-cut foldout cover)

>1988  Zones/Stonehenge CD  (Flicknife)

>1988  Hawkwind Live  (German CD: Imtrat) (Same as Space Ritual II)

>1990  Space Bandits  (GWR)

>1991  Palace Springs  (GWR) (live)

>1991  The Golden Void (Live at Glasgow Apollo 19/10/82.

>1991  The Never Ending Story of The Psychedelic Warlords (CD with book)
*** isn't this a book with cd? ;^)

>1992  Live At Reading '86  CD (Raw Fruit)

>1992  Electric Tepee [Double]  (GWR)

>1992  The Hawklords Live  CD pic disc (Griffin)

>1992  California Brainstorm CD

>1992  Solstice at Stonehenge 1983 (Jugoslavia. Live bootleg)
*** my copy is entitled "Live at Stonehenge Free Festival"

>1992  Orgasmatron CD (Cargo) live

>1993  Live - St.Albans 1979 CD (UK winter tour 1979. Bootleg)

>1993  Lord of Light  CD
*** this is a compilation to me, the Nik Turner extra doesen't make me
change my mind

>1993  Undisclosed Files  (live 1984 and 1989)
>        Orgone Accumulator
>        Sonic Attack
>        Watching The Grass Grow
>        Damned By The Curse of Man
>        Master of the Universe        [LP only]
>        Ghost Dance                   [CD only]
>        Coded Languages     [Different versions on LP and CD]
>        Ejection
>        Motorway City
>        Dragons and Fables
>        Heads
>        Angels of Death
*** Why is the white LP a bootleg, but the black CD is an Official? Someone..?

>1993  It Is The business of the Future to be Dangerous

>1993  Lords of Light, Kings of Speed CD bootleg (sleeve notes: Recorded
18/5/92, Latin
>            Quarter, Detroit but probably recorded at Bochum, Germany)
*** My copy is entitled "Kings of Speed, Lords of Light"

>1994 Assassins of Allah  LP  bootleg

>1994 Dawn of Hawkwind  CD  bootleg

>1994 Rock City bootleg CD

>1994  The Cyberspace Conspiracy (LP bootleg of Live Legends Video)

>1994  The Business Trip  2LP & CD (The Emergency Broadcast System)

>1995  White Zone  (By The Psychedelic Warriors)

*** why not putting those two into the single section?
>1993  Decide Your Future EP
>1994  Quark Strangeness and Charm  CD single & 12" EP

***why not put these in a various artist section?
***I know I'm a little bit unorthodox here, but the name of this section is:
>1. Albums by Hawkwind (& Hawklords)

>1972  Glastonbury Fayre (with various artists)  (Revelation)
>1972  Greasy Trucker's Party  (UA)
>1972  BBC Transcription Disc - Brian Matthews Show live
>1986  Bristol Custom Bike Show  (GWR)
>1988  Traveller's Aid Trust (with various artists)  (Flicknife)
>1993  Gimme Shelter [Rock CD 4 -track Charity compilation]

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