Bolle's review of WOTT on AOL

Fri Sep 29 12:33:49 EDT 1995

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>I heard Bolle posted a 3 part review of WOTT to the AOL board -- could
>someone post it here?  I'd be very interested to hear what he thought
>of the CD set.

I skipped part 1, I didn't think it was too interesting...but here are 3
other posts by Bolle...

uh...I see Rock beat me to it, but here's somethin' else....

Subj:  Workshop of The Journalist
Date:  95-09-27 04:06:24 EDT
From:  TUBULAR 1

Although I do agree with some of the liner notes, I still have to make that
sad statement again. These Liner notes are old and of poor ficticious
writings. I could do better, I am sure, had I ever dropped acid...
As it is, I've never done any drugs in my life... Yes Alcohol is fine, but I
personally never even touch an aspirin...It simply is too unnatural... So..
Mr. Levy... why recycle these old lying stories from past presskits that any
serious collector already has...NO!! And I Repeat! NO! There never was a half
set of EB doing Jap versions of their songs.. What incredible hallucogenics
made Arthur write this crap? I recall paying some 200 dollars back in 1979 to
find out about this being a reality or not... so to Arthur and his Jap
Lies...Fuck That Crap!!! My Osaka Live tape once cost me $200 worth in
trades, to secure that audience master back in 1979-80 from my Japanese
Bootlegger friends...all because of selling ludicrous LIES! LIES! LIES!
These days I'm not so naive anymore and I don't really fall for tricky
journalism from any standpoint, but that was weak... You should never tell
LIES and especially not when they can be found out...even at a cost of $200
of 70's Dollars... I have NO Respect for people who do too much drugs or tell
fables to impress the mere ignorant poor sod (i.e. me at the time) The Liner
notes did upgrade some from the presskits, but at the same time, they do need
a better rewrite. ...and... Yes! This band is not DEAD this is not a Euolgy
of some bygone days. This is the resume of Rock's currently hottest band, no
problems. So, why lie about cool possible events when the reality is so much
cooler anyways... Just Witness this band LIVE in Concert... I wish some more
reality was put into this booklet story. P{erhaps this will allbe redeemed on
the day we get to write that Goldmine article and story... Or even better.. I
may still surprise everyone and finish my Book Of Cult one of these days...
Maltese Falcon??? As in Collectible? with 4 different copies in my hand...
Hmm... I'll have to think about that one for a while....

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