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Mon Dec 2 09:09:21 EST 1996

> >
> > i dont know,but the 'earthed to the ground' album (1984) credits brock
> > alone with writing this tune.and it just doesn't seem like calvert's
> > style,to me.besides,
> >
> Maybe the original credit for Calvert was a boo-boo, since he wasn't in
> the band at the time. Album covers have been known to do that sort of
> thing before.

this may be irrelevant. but lennon and mcartney made an agreement that
all songs written by either,would bear both names,even tho the other
may have contributed nothing to the WRITING of the tune.is it possible
that some names included in original credits,were merely included as
a way of tossing a friendly bone?
i mean,the one song,i forget which one,was credited to moorcock's wife,
even tho she had nothing to do with it.it was done that way,because of
contractual obligations.but now,would make be wrong to put his own
name on it?
this is what i mean by saying we don't have a clue.i still think it
should be left alone.who the hell do we think we are? ;)
i don't think any of the involved parties need our championing them,
and cant see how it will help anyway.all it does is breed harsh
feelings,which i,for one can do without.   rj

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