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Alex S. Garcia artefact at IMAGINET.FR
Mon Dec 2 17:26:30 EST 1996

Okay... I don't recall when exactly I first heard of BOC. I usually hear
about a lot of stuff before I actually get a chance to listen to it - like
most people, I guess. Anyway, I do remember the first time I heard them. It
was on a French radio show called (for those French on the list who may know
this) "La Saga du Rock" on the radio station RTL. It's a show I followed
several years which featured a different band each week, playing excerpts of
theirs songs (and a few full-length) accompanied by a history of the band.
Most of the time, they'd feature famous bands such as Genesis, Toto, Bon
Jovi, etc... but once in a while you could have some nice surprises with
more obscure bands. And one day, they featured BOC. Well, in 88, BOC wasn't
really all that famous, especially here in France. And since I had heard
about them before, I was curious to hear their music. And that was it. I was

The first album I bought, well... you may have guessed from the year
mentioned above, though I didn't actually go for the latest released, but
let us simply say that it was the ONLY album I could find in any record shop
in those days... IMAGINOS, that is. Of course. Which still remains, to date,
my favorite (even though, yes I know, it can't really be considered as a BOC
album, but geez ! what an impressive album it is, all the same).

The next I bought is hard to point out. It was either Spectres, FoUO or CE.
I bought those three more or less at the same time. And after that, well,
all the others (more or less) quickly followed. Finding them wasn't always
an easy task, and I had to visit many different record shops in different
cities (and sometimes countries, since I couldn't find "T&M" anywhere except
in the States !)... the fact that I was exclusively buying the albums on
tape didn't do much to help my quest, I guess, but it did make it kind of
more fun *smile* And I did eventually manage to get all the studio albums
(I'm still missing the three live ones, but I'll get them eventually !).

Alex S. Garcia.

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