OFF: Onstage Electrocutions

Keith A Henderson khenders at MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Tue Dec 3 09:04:42 EST 1996

RJ suggests...
> Keith A Henderson wrote:
> >
> > > >Didn't the same thing happen to Gary Thain of Uriah Heep
> > >
> > >   Yup. Twice. He died some time later.  Had damn bad hair, too.
> >
> > I seem to remember it happening to one of the guitarists from Girlschool, t
> > (Don't ask me why I recall that piece of worthless trivia.)
> >
> > Keith H. (FAA)
> i know why you remembered.there is a very vague hw connection.i talked
> to doug smith
> recently,and the possibility that paul mentioned about hw continuing on
> eventually
> to india came up(i have friends there).and he brought up the fact that
> he managed
> a trip to india for girlschool(of whom i dont think ive heard).there's
> another
> pointless bit of trivia for you. rj

Well, I think it probably has a lot more to do with their relationship with
Lemmy & Co...they toured together a time or two, and I think even appeared
together on an album or EP...perhaps the St. Valentine Day Massacre thingy??

Of course, that's a HW connection in itself.

Keith H. (FAA)

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