HW: Measure of the Man

Stephen Swann swann at MINDVOX.COM
Wed Dec 4 10:30:35 EST 1996

Carl Edlund Anderson writes:
>      O Brock, that art a Hawklord, (David be thy name).  Thy lyrics come,
> thy music be done today, as it was in the days of the underground.  Give us
> this day our daily blanga and forgive us our continuous pleading even as we
> try to forgive your hiding behind the synths.  Lead us not into electronic
> dossing about, but deliver us to space rock, for thine is the riffing, the
> power, and the glory, forever.
> Amen,
> Carl

You know Carl, I don't think I ever properly thanked Ben Cash for getting
you on this list.  ;-)

swann at panix.com

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