Imaginos great v. mediocre, no bad timing

John A Swartz jswartz at MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG
Thu Dec 5 09:16:22 EST 1996

theo writes:

>I agree totally that Imaginos would have been a blockbuster for BOC.
Personally, though, I think the timing would have been best [blest
with hindsight, mind you] if it had appeared after Agents or
Spectres, simply 'cause BOC was still riding high on the success of
Reaper and Godzilla.  Given the popularity at the time [and the
accompanying laser light show] I think the fans would have embraced
such a project.

And this riding high was reflected in *Some Enchanted Evening*, which
I believe is something that band wanted to do as there was some dis-
satisfaction with OYFOOYK.  In the Goldmine interview, Albert mentioned
that BOC as a live act musically was probably at it's peak around 77 or
78 (I think he said they were running like a well-oiled machine at that
point, or something to that effect).  Of course, I would think that doing
a live album after a tour would be much easier than a new studio album,
so the release of SEE could give the band a little extra time to flesh
out the Imaginos material (remember, we're talking over 90 minutes of
music that was planned originally).  And, if you consider how the fans
*didn't* embrace Mirrors, I think my hindsight of having Imaginos done
after SEE would have been a better choice.  Then again, I didn't become
a BOC fan until after that, so I'm not in a good position to judge the
mood of BOC fans in the mid-70's.


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