BOC: Guitarists and Spectres

bart bart at AEOLIANS.BT.CO.UK
Mon Dec 9 11:13:15 EST 1996

> I don't think *Spectres* was regarded a "disappointment" for the most
> part, but perhaps couldn't live up to the standard set by "Agents of
> Fortune" (who's success probably also prompted people to give Spectres
> a more critical listen, as BOC was now more in the public eye).

Surely you mean AoF setting a standard in the commercial sense alone. Sure it
contains DFtR, the most viable mental link most people have to the band, but
beyond that (& maybe ETI) I reckon its a bit lacking in songs that really grab
you by the whatevers.  Spectres OTOH, contains what I'd regard as four
quintessential post-ST BOC songs (GAoL, DVN, ILtN, Nosferatu) - all of which
shine, even through the slight tarnish of being on an album with Godzilla
& Goin' Thru' the Motions.

> As far as "Searchin' for Celine" goes, as someone pointed out, I don't
> think the song is supposed to be about the French author, but that's who's
> name they used for the subject - the song appears to be about a woman.

Indeed. Unless they use "she" just to obscure the true meaning :-)


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