HW: Elric and OJ

skarsol skarsol at EROLS.COM
Mon Dec 9 08:51:15 EST 1996

Andrew Gilham wrote:
> Geez, all you guys saying "Elric was innocent"!

its only because he's white.....REALLY  white... ;)
but i dint say he was innocent,i said he dint murder his wives.
and i said he was the least evil of his folk.which is true.

> Surely it's a bit more complex than that (and I don't mean Melnibonean DNA :)
> - how much of his actions were Stormbringer's, and how much his own
> subconscious desires?

> And you have to bear in mind that the early Elric stories are full of blatant
> (some would say crass) symbolism - e.g., impaling a woman on a sword is about
> as unsubtle a metaphor for the sex act as can be.

moorcock himself has stated that people try to read too much symbolism
into his novels.
you must remember that elric impaled on his sword thousands of men and
as well.

and elric had plenty enuff real love making to bother with hidden
i think the deaths of his loves were simply high drama.i mean th over
all feel of the novels was hopeless despair. this is only my
interpretation,and is not meant to
bash yours andy,cos only mike really knows....


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