Jerry Richards

Bernhard Pospiech bernhard.pospiech at GELSENKIRCHEN.NETSURF.DE
Wed Dec 11 10:10:04 EST 1996

Hi folks

Here is a list of gigs, HAWKWIND played with Jerry Richards

Hope it is useful for you

TOWN:   HALL:           DATE:           DAY:    LINE-UP:
Isle Of Man     Festival        07.06.95        Wed     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI
Isle Of Man     Festival        08.06.95        Thu     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI
London  BBC Studio      27.07.95        Thu     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI
Pentrich        Festival        29.07.95        Sat     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI
Cunlhat Festival        18.08.96        Sun     BR/CH/BS/RI
Tilburg         Festival        07.09.96        Sat     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI
Rotterdam       Nighttown       08.09.96        Sun     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI
Thesaloniki     Milos           08.11.96        Fri     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI
Athen           Rodon Club      09.11.96        Sat     BR/DA/CH/BS/RI


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