BOC: Poll?

Torgo torgo at NORWICH.NET
Wed Dec 11 16:30:02 EST 1996

Out from unda da rock:

>>>"The Revenge of Vera Gemini"
>>Once again, ick.
>>Ack! You're serious, aren't you?
>>Well, this one has always been one of my faves from AoF -even before
>>I knew Al was on this list ;-)

Vera Gemini thang woke me up. Not flaming, but wow it sure stings and leaves
a nasty old welt when my fave BOC song gets a good old fashioned kick to the
crotch like that. Damn, I even think it left a scar that time. :^)

>>I'm with ya on this one...  it's not time for another poll, is it?

Poll? Did someone say poll? It seems like I just did the last one. Or maybe
its just the pain from it all still echoing through my brain like backfire. :^D

Back Under da rock.

Torgo has left the building......
torgo at
.... Torgo hated Christmas, the whole Christmas season,
oh please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason,
it could be perhaps that his shoes were too tight,
it could be his head wasn't screwed on quite right,
but I think that the most likely reason of all,
is that Torgo's small heart was two sizes too small.....

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