HW: Elric and OJ

Max Wilcox s333271 at STUDENT.UQ.EDU.AU
Wed Dec 11 19:49:49 EST 1996

Andrew A. Apold wrote:
> >Jon Browne wrote:
> >>
> >        And there's JC - Jesus Christ/Jerry Cornelius link, too....
> Julius Caesar?

        I'd say that all of the incarnations of the champion are primaraly
martyr figures, and Caesar isn't realy one of these. But, I guess that
doesn't realy matter that much.
        There's also Jimi Hendrix. He's certainly one. You could also include
(though I'm a bit dubious on this one) Curt Cobain to the martyr list.
Another dead (martyr) singer. I guess he'd fit - many of the characters
have a J and a C or both, in their initials. Now if only I could find
some kind of significance in these two letters?
        Er...I think I may be reading a bit too much into it now. But I guess
that it's almost impossible to tell what's being "read into" a text and
what's not...

- Max Wilcox (Jax Cilcox)

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