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Jon Browne jon at COMICS.DEMON.CO.UK
Sat Dec 14 06:44:20 EST 1996

In message <32B1ADEC.153C at>, Dan Clore
<clore at COLUMBIA-CENTER.ORG> writes
>No, I have never practiced ceremonial magick, if that's what you mean.
>I also don't belong to any Crowley cults.  Whether any of that stuff
>works is a matter to be tested empirically (but then, that's what *he*
>said anyway), and I haven't seen any evidence of anyone -- his followers
>included -- having done so or doing so now.

What evidence would one require? I don't quite follow the grammer of the
last sentence. Are you saying no-one practises what Crowley espoused? Or
that no-one has achieved anything through his teachings? There are
hundreds upon hundreds of people who practise Crowleyan thought and
ritual on a daily basis and who find it highly effective and beneficial.
Jon Browne

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