HW: Lyrics for LSD

Johan Edlundh hawkjoe at EKA.ERICSSON.SE
Mon Dec 16 07:23:19 EST 1996

>The various other Hawkwind tracks which aren't on CD are:
>Star Song   (title unknown from 1990)                          Wishart
>The Blackening Rabbit      (1981 tour)                         Brock?
>The Joker Of The Universe                                      Moorcock
>The Timeship Will Not Sail Again                               Moorcock
>Your Secret's Safe With Me                                     Wishart
>Time For Sale                                                  Calvert?
Corridor of Flame CD-R boot

>Astronauts                                                     Ashley?
>Note From A Cold Planet                                        Moorcock
>The Welcoming Hands Of Space                                   Ashley?
>They've Got Your Number                                        Langton
>Mark Of Cain                                                   Langton
Corridor of Flame CD-R boot

>Ode To A Crystal Set                                           Calvert
>Time Of                                                        Brock?
Cosmic Travellers F&R

>My Armour's Killing Me                                         Moorcock
>Raping Robots In The Street                                    Brock


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