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Mon Dec 16 19:52:33 EST 1996

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Stephen Swann wrote:

> Troy Harris writes:
> >
> >   Manuel,
> >
> >
> >   Congratulations on getting Theo's tapes.
> Thus ends another great BOC-L saga - I'm going to miss getting the
> weekly updates on it.  Could you post something about it from time to
> time, just for the sake of nostalgia?  ;-)
> Steve
> swann at


Sure!!  Just do some trading with me and watch me become inpatient after
a week or two after I send a package off!!  I'm not reallt a high strung
person, but man, do I love getting my live tapes, ect. in the mail!!

I remember when I first ordered the 1st Brain Surgeon CD and it took 3
months to get it.  Hell, Albert EVEN called my house to apopolgize for
the delay.  I was at work, but my wife (now ex-wife) spoke to him for
15-20 minutes.  I guess that worked out fine , as for i would have just
studdered for 15 minutes anyways.  What were we talking about??

Manuel &

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