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Max Wilcox s333271 at STUDENT.UQ.EDU.AU
Wed Dec 25 07:59:02 EST 1996

RJ wrote:
> i do not actually enjoy talking about this subject,but i think nik should
> retire,or at least go to only writing.
> i saw last years tour,and i thought it was pretty damned good.except for
> nik's voice.
> the band was not really a classic line up.nik,len,and del.len and del
> appeared because they had nothing else to do.simon house was pretty near
> irrelevant.a bunch of nice guys,but who needs a nostalgia band?
> the new material is not worthy of the hawkwind name.

        Simon House irrelevant?!?!?! Blasphemy!!! I haven't -seen- them live,
but I've got almost everything they've released on CD from the recent
concerts - and the Spiral Realms end of things I think is bloody
brilliant. Pressurehead, I don't like solo, but they seem to do alright
when they're with Nik.
        OK, well there's one exception to this, which is Profits of Time
(purposeful mis-spelling). This was crap, but I'm not sure, but I don't
think that Simon or Del were involved with this. I may be wrong on this

> brockwind,while it has its problems,is a logical progression of style.they
> still touch on the old stuff,but
> at least they are putting out new material.

        Listening to Space Ritual, and then throwing on Alien4, for me doesn't
imply a -very logical- progression. It's certainly a progression, but a
logical one?
        I'm not saying (as I said before) that I don't like the new stuff, but
I think it's quite a bit removed from what HW used to be. Yes, bands
have to change, progress, etc, but it's a question of which direction
they progress in.

> i dont know if you are aware,but
> nik really had very little to do with the last annubislights disc.the
> material was all finished and they sent it to him for him to add
> his vocal tracks...least thats the way i heard it.

        Unless I'm grossly mistaken, I believe you are talking about the Sphynx
CD that was a re-done version of the old one, which has nothing to do
with Anubian Lights. Anubian Lights is an official, new, with Nik,
recording. Admittedly, Nik doesn't write on all of the songs, but
        I guess it's a question of wether you like all of that electronic,
ambienty sort of stuff. I hated it untill I heard the Amubian Lights
stuff. It's a different genre than the space rock stuff, so I guess that
it's not surprising that some won't like it as much.

> the 'official' hw is the one for me,no question.i prefer high energy at
> shows.

        Well, I won't be able to argue with this until (hopefully) the middle
of next year when they're coming to Australia. But, jusdgin from the
live recordings Love in Space and Past or Future, I'd be more likely to
go with Nik.
        High energy at the shows? Wop on the Silver Machine from Past or
Future, for some high energy.....
        Merry Crass-mass, and all that sort of thing...

-Max Wilcox

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