OFF: trainspotting, was: Re: Nethawk T

Sat Dec 28 07:37:56 EST 1996

> (Climbing the walls and dredging the bogs until TRAINSPOTTING
> comes out - I read the book but aint seen the movie.  If the
> US video release has Renton talking in an American accent, I am
> going to start xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  .. Sorry   too  demanding I am!)

don worry.
while someone pointed out that some of the dialogue was dubbed,whatever
remains is
definitely not american may not be real scottish either,i dont
know. some of the characters
spoke with such a thick accent that it was difficult to understand,(for
me), and some were not so thick.
i wonder if the parts that were dubbed were only slang phrases which may
not have any meaning to
us in US.
anyway- the movie was far too intense for me to worry about accents.
(waiting nearly as anxiously to see it again.)

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