HW: Great sun jester.

Andy Gilham AndyGilham at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 1 10:16:18 EST 1996

>HAWKWIND did this song (poem) one time. It was in London, Rainbow on

And as I recall, we were mighty surprised to hear these lyrics (familiar from
BOC's _Mirrors_, of course) at a HW show.  Recited by Moorcock himself,
wasn't it, on one of his guest appearances (it all blurs :)?  And support was
Calvert and Turner, with Calvert on his hand held synth (a Wasp?).

The other thing I really remember from that gig was going into the Finsbury
Park Tavern before the show, and it was full of Rastafarians dealing dope.  I
don't think I've ever seen so much dope, or so much cash in rolls of notes
for that matter, at one time.  We were in the pub about two seconds before we
were offered a deal.  (But I went in there again last year and it was full of
Arsenal fans.  How things change.)

- Andy

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