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Johan Edlundh hawkjoe at EKA.ERICSSON.SE
Wed Jan 3 06:10:34 EST 1996

>Sorry to be nitpicky, but I need
>to know this stuff if I'm gonna spend the bucks on one of these CDs...

Hi Chuck,
there are three Hawk CD:s out, which is entitled _Masters of the Universe_.

the first one was the second HW compilation (the first was _Roadhawks_)
which was out on vinyl back in 1977. The cover had an excellent artwork, and
among the tracks is "It's so easy" which appears for the first time on an
album. This was later reissued on EMI/Fame as a CD.

the second in this series was a (Marble Arch) compilation, based on the
three _Anthology_ albums and _Levitation. The cover is one of the most
uninspired HW covers of all times, far beyond the avant garde of _...Yuri
Gagarin_, the pubertal comics on the _Friday Rock Show_ or even the Short
Circuit of _Early Daze_. There's no need at all to buy this CD, if you're
not a *seriously* demented HawkFan.

the third _Masters of the Universe_ was seen as a CD 1992 (on the label
Thunderbolt), and it was almost the same as the 1985 vinyl _In the
Beginning_. It had the same sleeve, but a new name. Also the LP sides was
swapped, so what was side B on the vinyl had now been the beginning on the
'92 CD. _In the Beginning_ was the first LP of the double vinyl _Text of
Festival_, which was the LP without their famous jam session "Sound...
Shouldn't... Improvise... Compromise... Reprise"

the _Text of Festival_ CD is nearly the same as the vinyl with the same
name, but because of space (!) limitation in the CD format, the second part
of the jam (side D on the vinyl) was left out.

conclusion of the Chuck dilemma:
as I think you've reached "stage B" in the Hawk Kollekting - you've already
found almost all of the main releases, and are curious to hear more "off the
main records" - but haven't yet become a Kompletist who would sue for a
divorce if his wife hindered him from buying the 64:th incarnation of the
Anthology/Acid Daze series, I would like to say this:

the official bootlegs is often in Lo Fi Sound Quality, but still it is very
cool to hear these gigs (now talking _Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin_ and
_Text of Festival_). Try to get these two (or if it's the Thunderbolt MotU
and it's a lot cheaper, take the MotU), and try to avoid the compilations
based on this originals (now talking _Early Daze_ or the unbelievable (bad)
vinyls of _Live '70-'73_ or it's sister _Welcome to the Future_)

there are also official bootlegs with good sound quality, here is
_California Brainstorm_ and _Space Ritual II_ (which was the second LP of
_Space Ritual_) good examples for. (and the _Ridicule_, which was the second
LP of Space Ritual II).
Get those!

Is there anyone who want to do a ranking of all boots/semi official
boots/boots compilation/etc, etc..?
Bernhard? Mike? Jill? Henrik?




blaha blaha pa dig sjalv du :0)

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