BRAIN / BOC INdy CD's and Royalties/The Costs

Thu Jan 4 14:20:00 EST 1996

> Also I see the touring as the
>only new source of income for the group so why put that aside just to cut
>a record?

>In the case of Al and Deb whre it is pretty much their project and band
>and they get to call the shots it's a much easier thing to undertake.
>And living in the same household probably helps a lot too.



Deb and Al probably gave up revenue to work on Epo.  Don't forget Deb is a
professional writer and Al can always do gigs with a lot of other groups.
 Spending three weeks on Epo caused either some late hours doing other
things or they took time off from money making tasks to put it together.  In
BOC's case they probably have the time to take a few days in the recording
studio but not the time to put the finishing touches on the album.  A few
days in the studio can probably be worked in easily to their touring
schedule.  So unless they don't have the money or the financial backing to
do the finishing touches or simply lack the material there may not be any
good reason why they don't put something new on the market.


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