Theo and lack of quality music

Fri Jan 5 13:06:41 EST 1996

> No, I'm not implying that all of modern music is bad.  There may be
> alot of crap out there (and because I mentioned Pearl Jam or any other
> popular band of today was not meant to imply that their stuff is crap_,
> but actually that's probably true of any era.
> Actually, music IMHO is neither "good" nor "bad" -- you either like it
> or you don't, and the fact that many people like a certain music doesn't
> make it "good" music, and neither does the fact that I don't like alot
> of modern music mean that it's crap.
> John
Right you are!  If a million people like something, it doesn't matter
if it's 'good' or not.  It obviously speaks to some need that the
public has.  And it's not confined to the present.  Look at Kiss.
Their music was/is simple and derivative, but it struck a vital nerve
in all those adolescent males.  Should 'Bridges of Madison County' be
on the best-seller lists (don't get me going on that as a yardstick
of respectability) for over a year?  Must be.  Someone has a powerful
need to read shit like that, and the book, for whatever reasons,
speaks to that need.  Now, in the case of Pearl Garden et al, we need
to determine if they speak to a discursive void, or whether that void
was fabricated by MTV.

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