Theo and lack of quality music

Fri Jan 5 13:11:18 EST 1996

> We disagree.  Not all the dreck is bad, and really can only be bad to any
> indivdual based on their own personal definition of quality.  Are there any
> BOC's HW's or Led Zepplins out there, maybe not to us but certainly to the
> record buying public there is.   PJ is a really talented group.  STP,
> Soundgarden, Live, Dave Mathews, Blues Travellers, King's X  are all very
> good.  Funny, King's X ,a band who lyrically are diametrically opposed to
> BOC, yet blessed with very skilled muscians who play a heavy hard style of
> rock, have had a career that mirrors (excuse the pun) BOC's.  Critical
> acclaim, rabid fans, much credit for quality intelligent music, great live
> performances yet very little commercial success.  Initially I said the
> parent thing to myself about some of these new groups, however when I wear
> my rebellious teenager hat they like BOC actually sound quite good.
> AB
the bands you list appeal to different groups.  Dave Matthews/Blues
Traveler harken back to the old days of the Dead and the Allmans
(both curiously popular with young people) as opposed to Stone Garden
et al, yet I suspect all those bands cited are of about the same age,
and have a lot of fans of the same age.

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