HW: I'm Dave Brock

Ken Alexander kalex at EECS.UMICH.EDU
Mon Jan 8 11:12:01 EST 1996

Someone using a public library terminal in Tennessee appears to think
that because I have a Hawkwind web site, I must therefore be Dave Brock.

> From guest at www.nashv.lib.tn.us  Fri Jan  5 15:03:37 1996
> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 15:15:53 -0600
> X-Personal_name: Rooster  c/o JULEE SPANGLER USA
> From: Nashville at pub.lib.com
> Subject: Hawkwind/Dave Brock
> Greetings! Julee has totally turned me on to your vast collections,bios
> stories,and great music.I am a "lead Bass player" and love to drop out
> and jam with your albums.Very natural vibe to y'all's[sic] choice of
> chord progressions,rythyms,groove shifts (accidental or otherwise).For
> a while I started having Hawkwind dream sequences (in color) and JULEE
> takes that as an omen of imminent (imminence?) or just someday meeting
> . I have heard all the stories of your last American tour (as told by you
> -know- who) .Mr Brock,as I read your histories and look at the lineup
> changes,.....you must really like to play!!! Been through a couple-a-dozen
> incarnations of "my current ideal" bands myself...Being a lead bass is novel
> for some,annnoying to the few,exploited by many and matched by none. Sounds
> a bit cocky,but American musicians,Rock,Country,or traditional seem to have
> a mental block most of the time when the bass starts counter-melodies
> instead of reduntant thumping.Thank god for Primus,wacky as they may be.
> Don't mean
> Anyway,JULEE loves you all,promotes your music fanatically,and I can see why.

> From guest at www.nashv.lib.tn.us  Fri Jan  5 15:08:13 1996
> Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 15:20:38 -0600
> X-Personal_name: Rooster  c/o JULEE SPANGLER USA
> From: Nashville.public.library at www.nashv.lib.tn.us
> Subject: Attn:Dave Brock/HAWKWIND
> JULEE has not yet realized the power of the net,when and if these are getting
> messages to you,she'll be most pleased and you'll probably have to shut
> your computer off........

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