[HW] HW Tribute Band (was Re: HW: New Year)

Allan T Grohe Jr iscladoc at FALCON.CC.UKANS.EDU
Mon Jan 8 16:35:43 EST 1996

On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Keith A Henderson wrote:

> >             I did not see any posts of the HW london show 12/22/95? I guess
> >        no one went? Anyone go to the show in Cleveland on Dec31st with F/i,
> >        Alien Planetscapes and HW guests??
> Yes!!  I was there (in Cleveland), and it was actually a very good time...it
> was the first time I can remember ever going out for New Years.  I think New
> Years has to be about the dumbest holiday of all, but that's just me.  The
> funny thing was, since the "HW tribute band"  was still playing their set at
> the 'magical' time, noone really noticed when it happened...I know I didn't.
> Maybe they should've have been playing the 'Countdown' as Stacia did during
> Space Ritual...  :)
> Anyway, there were three bands that played that night:


> 2)  the "HW tribute band" - I don't know how else to refer to them, as they
> never introduced themselves, and I knew from the sheer number of musicians
> (varying from 9-11) that these guys were from different bands.  Some I believe
> were from Architectural Metaphor, a couple from Alien Planetscapes, and maybe 1
> or 2 of the guys from F/i, I can't remember.  Anyway, whoever they were, they
> did an excellent job, considering the lack of ever playing together before.

[set list and commentary also deleted]

Did anyone tape this by chance?


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