cult classic

Wed Jan 10 13:06:47 EST 1996

> And what about "Cult Classic"?  Don't know if it qualifies as an "indie",
> but I doubt that album is making the band alot of $$.  While I like the
> album in part, I think you will find that there are alot of folks (many
> of them here on BOC-L) who are not exactly fans of that release.
> John
I can understand the lukewarm response to Cult Classic.  So many of
those tunes bear Albert and Joe's artistic imprint that it seems
almost sacrilegious  to re-do the songs without them.  Also, it is
hardly possible to 'improve' songs that were already 'classic.'  Why
didn't they simply (I know it's not so simple) remaster the older
material.  Roadblocks from Sony?  Who knows?

I did like Cult Classic mainly because it presents many of the songs
as they have evolved, and are now truer to the way they are performed
live.  Many of the songs--Flaming, ME262, etc.,etc. now have
different arrangements when played live, and I generally prefer the
newer versions.  Also, I'm just a Cult addict--I like any chance to
hear what BOC is doing

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