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Jerry Guizar jguizar at EPIX.NET
Wed Jan 10 19:30:10 EST 1996

On Tue, 9 Jan 1996 16:13:40 -0800 you wrote:

>jguizar> Did you try sending the List Server the "NOMAIL"command?
>Just before the holidaze, I set BOC-L to digest and NOMAIL.
>Neither worked.  I'm no newbie to listserv software, but this
>baffles!  I think mayhaps that not all of the options are
>enabled?  Ben?  I also asked listserv to mail me a list of
>all options, but still no luck on enabling them..

   I just checked some of my mail and I used these commands


 I think that's the one's for the info. If you want I'll go thru my archived mail
and see if I still have the one with all the commands. I sent the commands to
'listserv at listserv.spc,edu' with a blank Subject line and the commands as the
message. To shut mail off I did the same (no subject and message of -
SET BOC-L NOMAIL). I'm subscribed from two different addresses, but only get
mail at one of them (not this one).

jguizar at
jguizar at

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