cult classic ? for AL

Albert T Bouchard ir004728 at INTERRAMP.COM
Wed Jan 10 22:12:20 EST 1996

>Al. thanks for the biz lesson on how the royalties work but CC may be an
>oddity.  By re-recording songs you wrote does:
>a) The band have to pay royalties to Sony for re-recording these songs?

Yes, but not to Sony Music but Sony Publishing which now owns the
publishing rights.

>b) Who sends you roylaties from CC, Sony or Herald Records?

Sony Publishing sends me royalties. Herald pays them (Sony Publishing)
$.065 per song per album sold.

>c) Did you receive a performance royalty as well as the other royalties you
>would normally receive?  It would seem you would since the band actually
>re-recorded each song.

Because I did not perform on any of the Herald tracks I am not entitled to
a performance royalty.

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