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Thu Jan 18 06:59:12 EST 1996

In regards to the message below, I for one probably would by a ticket or
two.  I have heard of Gong on the BOC/Hawkwind discussion board. That is
were I read this post. There are many Hawkwind fans that are also into
Here is the e-mail address of a venue in Cleveland that is willing to
book acts that are not in the mainstream of the music world. They have
booked many bands that are progressive, electronic, space, etc.

The name of the place is the Agora Theatre.
agoralive at
Hope this helps a little.

Duane Hoyt
aa5287 at

>OK this is what's up...
>The 'Birthday Party' band (Daevid Allen, Gilli Smythe, Didier Malherbe,
>Tim Blake, Pip Pyle, and Steffi Sharpstrings) is gearing up for a US
>tour run in March of 1996.
>Believe it.
>Dates are currently being booked nationwide, although, as we all know,
>Gong is not exactly a household name.
>As one of several veteran producers of the Twelve Selves tour in 1991,
>I know from experience that getting the word out about a Gong-related
>show can be difficult (I wasn't anywhere near the Net in 1991). This
>can seriously jeapordize the prospects of generating enough revenues to
>properly present the artist, as well as be able to pay all the costs incurred.
>This time we got the real deal. The stakes are a little higher. No
>hole-in-the wall impromptu theaters (ok... I admit mine was probably
>the worst).
>Convincing booking agents, and managers of quality venues (holding from
>500 - 1000 people; or more depending on the city) to book a band
>they've never heard of, that caters to a fringe market, and has never
>toured America, is challenging at best.
>Some of us are willing to try. The problem is its hard to estimate how
>many people in a given community, if they know about the show, will
>actually come out to see it (preferably even buying ADVANCED tickets
>(hint)). We need to have some sense of numbers in order to approach these
>venues at all.
>If YOU happen to be one of those people- we want to know about YOU,
>where are YOU?, how many others do YOU know?, Would YOU like to see
>Gong Live in 1996? Let us know, then tell EVERYONE else YOU know that
>the possibility is looming.
>Many Gong-fans may not yet be on-line, and therefore will never read
>this message, so get the word out thru your own channels. Call those
>friends you haven't seen in years- tell them to pass the word along.
>Let us know that you're out there. We want to be able to convince those
>hard-working club owners and managers that this show is worth their
>time and energy to make happen.
>Don't Dither, DO IT
>Do not wait for a Gong concert to just fall from the other side of the
>sky into your town. We must combine our energies and manifest it
>together. Think of it as YOUR show, then let us know you're there, and
>that this is as important to you as it is to us.
>YOU is we is Gong is ONE is Gong is we is YOU.   YOU do your part, then
>we can do our part, and then they will do their part, and we'll all see
>each other at the show.
>It s a beautiful dream. Let's make it come true.
>Nationwide- write us at sahearn777 at
>San Francisco Bay Area fans can write to veman at
>Currently, we are only surveying the potential audience size in a given
>community. However we will keep a temporary mailing list so we can let
>you know the Tour Schedule when it manifests.
>If you are interested in helping produce a show in your area, contact
>Sean Ahearn at 310-987-1723
>The Gong Band, it's enough!!!!
>                                VeMan

" We are the warriors at the edge of time. "

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